Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The last few weeks have been busy busy! We've been off to Florida for a wedding and were able to spend lots of wonderful time with college friends. Since being back we've been hosting family and traveling around the city. 

I'm looking forward to having some alone time soon, but it'll be a busy month packing up to move into a bigger place across town :) 

I know it's going to be different but with every change in life there's growth, so I'm excited!

I want to be making changes especially as we transition into this new place.

I want to relax more. Recently I've allowed myself to get stressed or worried over all sorts of things. And I'm tired of it. Sunday my eyes were opened to the truth that whatever you are willing to tolerate is what will shape your life. I'm not going to tolerate sudden fear or anxiety anymore. It will not shape my life.

I want to live loved. I want to wake up every morning fearless because I understand how much the Lord loves me. I want to operate in that love throughout the day. When I'm interacting with people, when I'm working, when I'm driving. When I'm dancing while I'm driving. To consistently be acting in the love that I've been given.

These are my new goals.

As I write that statement I'm reminded of my failures. Of all the times I've done this before, said I would change but slid back into my old habits. But we can't allow our past to keep us from moving forward. I'm not perfect. I can tell you right now I will fall short in accomplishing these few things. But I'm hungry for more. If these few things can move me into more, I'm going to start changing my thinking.

Never stop looking for ways to grow. Never let past failure keep you from moving forward.

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